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You host - we host. Open for all operating modes
We host. You host.
Open for all operating modes
Quam in SaaS-Modell
Quam in SaaS-Modell
The flexible alternative
from Microsoft-Cloud
Quam in Microsoft Office 365
Quam and Office 365
Quam integrated into your
modern Cloud-Workstation
Quam as Subscription
Quam as Subscription
The subscription for your
own computer centre
SaaS - die flexible Alternative aus der Cloud

Software as a Service

Flexibel - Microsoft - Cloud

As an alternative to purchase, Lintra also offers rental services via selected hosting partners Quam as part of a „Software as a Service“- model.

Use Quam from Microsoft Azure Cloud. No servers, no storage, no maintenance, get started quickly and easily - we'll take care of setting up and hosting your Quam. Flexibly define the number of users. Use Quam conveniently over the Internet. And use the included hotline support by the hosting partner.

The rental license is suitable for customers who count on fluctuating user numbers or do not want to maintain their own infrastructure for the operation of the applications.

Purchase license

Classic - practical - good

The classic form of procurement for software is the purchase license.

In addition to the software, you can order Software maintenance and Hotline support. Within the software maintenance you receive all newly developed versions of Quam and have access to all releases and hotfixes. With the hotline service you get telephone support for questions regarding the use of Quam.

The purchase license is particularly suitable for customers who anticipate a long duration of usage with a stable number of users, who have their own operating capacities, or who, from a business point of view, prefer the investment in a current cost position.

Die klassische Kauflizenz
Die Subscription für das eigene Rechenzentrum


Subscribed - Flexible - in your own data center

As an alternative to renting or buying, Lintra also offers Quam as a subscription model. You determine the duration, the number of users and the operating environment (own data center or Cloud). You have maximum flexibility and can terminate the use of Quam.

The subscription fee is based on the number of users and the minimum duration of the agreement you have defined. You can also order software maintenance and hotline support at your own discretion.

The subscription is particularly suitable for companies that prefer to run their applications themselves in their own data center and still want to be flexible in terms of the number of users.


Licensing Models

Lintra differentiates between 3 licensing models: the SaaS-Model (a rental license), the Subscription-Model (a Subscriber) and the classic Purchase -Model. All models are based on the number of users and installed systems (farms).

Quam differentiates between manager and viewer licenses according to user types. Depending on the license model, software maintenance and support are included or can be booked separately.

User Types

Quam distinguishes between Manager- and Viewer-License.
Managers are authorized to create Quam content using the Quam's functionality, to modify, delete, review, as well as to proof and publish. They also have the right to configure Quam data model, user rights and representations.
Viewers can essentially access the created content by using Quam's functionalities in a read-only manner. They have limited posibilitiess, to fill Quam with content, however, they could for example: request content changes. Viewer licenses have a greatly reduced price compared to the Manager license.

Maintenance and Support

In addition to the software, you can order software maintenance and hotline support in the Subscription and Purchase models. These are already included in the SaaS model.
Within the scope of software maintenance, you have subscription rights for all newly developed versions of Quam. As part of the hotline service, you will receive telephone support for questions regarding the use of Quam.