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Process Management Software for more efficiency

Process management is becoming increasingly important in organizations in order to better control their own processes. As a SharePoint extension Quam offers all common functions of a professional process management software. With Quam you operate active process management by recording your processes and checking them for meaningfulness and redundancy and reorganizing them.

Business Process Management with Quam

As BPM software, Quam supports companies in process modeling and the visualization of business processes. Quam is designed as an organization-wide platform in which all information on processes, structures, applied regulations, standards, laws, IT systems and other resources and responsibilities can be modelled and stored centrally.

Understanding processes

Processes are the engine of your company. Processes describe how your resources are used and how the work is done. Processes help to find a common language and determine whether things are going well or badly. Processes are measurable and make an organization scalable. Whether process map, formal process description or process profile, horizontal, dynamic or tabular representations and modeling options. Quam can do almost anything.

Recording structures

Capturing all organizational structures is really easy with Quam. Whether organizational charts, organizational areas, buildings, subsidiaries, departments, IT structures, personnel, plants, regions or different legal entities in corporations: With Quam you can visualize all structure-giving elements of the organization and link them with each other or with the processes.

Observe compliance

Management manuals and procedural instructions document your organization according to special aspects. If you want to maintain topic-related documentation for different recipient groups, e.g. for employees or auditors, use the possibilities of a database, document your regulations without redundancy and with minimal effort and link them specifically with the processes in the company.

Manage IT-Systems

Who has which software in use, which licenses do we really still need, which IT systems exist in the company and who should use which software in which context? These are questions of every company. The structuring of IT infrastructures becomes much easier if you first visualize them. With Quam this is possible and Quam provides the answers.

Maintain employees

Employees are the most important capital in a company. The combination of their knowledge and skills is what advances the company. They know this and have a justified right to contribute, perceive and participate. It is becoming more and more difficult to get good employees. To enable new employees accordingly is a challenge. It is therefore more and more necessary to know the know-how of long-serving employees and to keep it much more difficult in the company.
Quam supports you in keeping the critical company knowledge within the company and making it easily accessible to new employees.

Organizing collaboration

Even in companies, technologies and ideas of social networks are increasingly used in communication between employees. Flexible information exchange and fast information transfer are crucial for culture and competitiveness. Quam's interactive features simplify certain Quam-related processes and help organizations collaborate and store knowledge.


Manage risks

Risks, as well as opportunities, must be managed within the company. Quam offers a workflow-supported identification of risks and the control of measures and activities for risk prevention.

Manage locations

Structure locations, visualize building plans, offices or IT infrastructure. Capture everything you want and belong to your organization. Link your resources with the processes and clarify their responsibilities. Using the various evaluations in the Quam, you can, for example, check access authorisations for plausibility, organise maintenance plans and much more.

Conduct audits

Quam contains an audit management module that supports the audit process in certification projects, e.g. for quality management according to ISO 9001 or environmental management according to ISO 14.001, from audit planning to audit execution and audit follow-up.

Organize changes

Every company develops and changes its structure over the years. This is a good thing, because improvements and further developments are a necessity for long-term survival in the market. Manage change consciously by using Quam to support it.


Managing documents

For the storage of records, templates, samples, standards, guidelines and other document-based content, Microsoft SharePoint functions as the market-leading ECM system and Quam in combination also as a document management system (DMS).

Customization of Quam

Quam can be configured in many ways and can be adapted to different deployment scenarios by customizing its data structures and web parts. Using workflows already available in the SharePoint standard or your own workflows, you can automate various processes, e.g. in the area of releasing content as part of versioning and history management of entire company models. By integrating the data model with external data sources via the Connectivity Services of SharePoint, processes and structures can also be supplied with key figures from real data. Own themes can be integrated or further languages can be configured.