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  • Quam includes an IT Management Tool
    IT Management
    Don't lose track of your IT systems

Manage IT systems

Who has which software in use, which licenses do we really still need, which IT systems exist in the company and who should use which software in which context? These are questions of every company. The structuring of IT infrastructures becomes much easier if you first visualize them. With Quam this is possible and Quam provides the answers.

IT infrastructure

The visualization of one's own IT infrastructure in itself already provides a great deal of knowledge in companies. Imagine that you give the processes in your company the IT systems that are to be used in the processes. Quam makes this very easy, and once the systems have been networked with the processes, you can answer which IT systems are in use in which work step. By networking the IT systems with the software licensed on them, you can determine which systems and software do not occur in any process and are therefore not needed.

IT training plans

Which users need to be trained on which IT systems? And why? Quam will answer these questions for you. To do this, you link the IT with the processes in which it is used. The processes in Quam are known by those involved in the process. The Quam supports the creation of training plans in a process-oriented manner.

License Management

Which IT systems are used in which processes by which users? Do you still need the licenses in your company? How many licenses are required? The answers are provided by the work process and the employees involved in these processes.

By connecting the licenses to the IT systems and thus to the processes in the company, you can also check the plausibility of your license requirements.

New releases of used or obsolete software can be questioned in a process-oriented way. Sensible decisions on the use of the software save money or argue budget for its procurement.

More features of Quam can be found on our product page.