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Frequently Asked Questions

Software & Costs

How many customers use Quam?

Quam is used by more than 300 customers worldwide with more than 700,000 users in more than 33 countries.

In how many languages is Quam available?

The standard languages are German and English. Quam can also be customized for all languages supported by Microsoft for SharePoint Server. This currently includes more than 90 different country languages or regional variants. Additional costs may be incurred for deployment.

What is the price indication for the Quam?

Interested parties can request a quotation directly via our website. As a rule, an employee of aiio will contact you promptly in order to work out an offer together with you that is suitable for your purposes.

What are the costs for updates and releases?

In the event of a software purchase or a rental of the software (subscription), the customer may conclude software maintenance agreements. This entitles Quam customers to all updates and upgrades during the term of the agreement. Software maintenance is associated with annual software maintenance fees of 18% of the licensed software volume. As a rule, software maintenance agreements are concluded for at least 12 months. Longer terms are possible at any time. Software maintenance is included in the license price in the case of temporary provision as part of a SaaS provision.

Release Management

What is the release strategy for the software to ensure that it is kept up to date technologically and functionally?

Changes to the software are determined by technological progress as well as feedback and customer requests. New requirements are communicated directly via our customers via the product page or are collected and structured by our partners in regular release meetings together with Lintra. The collection of new function requests as well as technological and functional improvements is prioritized by an experienced team of developers, consultants and customers. This prioritization determines when and in which release or update the further developments are incorporated.

How many versions of the application are supported?

As a rule of thumb, aiio actively supports at least 2 versions, the current version and the previous version. In practice, release discontinuation statements are published in advance for each release in the corresponding Release Notes.

How often do new releases appear?

As a rule, a major release is released every year. Between these releases, further service packs, i.e. smaller updates, may appear.

Am I forced to install new releases?

Releases contain function improvements or function increases and, if necessary, error corrections. Releases do not necessarily have to be installed. However, aiio recommends regular updates in order to be able to use the further developments.

How far in advance does aiio announce release updates and when will they be implemented?

For new releases there is a release planning at aiio. A release is usually announced in the quarter before the release.

Technical Requirements & Implementation

What are the technical requirements?

The technical requirements for the implementation and operation of our Quam can change with the versions and are very dependent on the number of users. Please find the basic requirements in our manual in the download area. In addition, Microsoft provides detailed information on the sizing of SharePoint farms depending on the expected number of users.

How can Quam® be deployed?

Quam can be provided as an on-premises solution to the customer as a purchase or rental license. In return, the customer receives appropriate license files and a program certificate that certifies the right of use.
In addition, it is possible to rent a Quam as a SaaS solution.

Does the application require client installations?

Quam doesn't require any client installations. Access to a browser is sufficient. Company's using Microsoft Visio as their modeling tool of choice may need to provide access to Visio for their managers.

Are plugins or other tools required for the web browser?

No, only common JavaScript functionalities are required.

Which browsers / versions are supported by the solution?

Quam is based on the SharePoint standard features. SharePoint supports many web browsers, but certain browsers may have limited use of SharePoint features.

Does Quam® run in SharePoint Online?

Quam needs the SharePoint Server as technological basis. SharePoint online alone is not technologically sufficient, as Microsoft does not permit complex software development on it. However, if you are already using Microsoft's Office 365 offering and want a cloud-based installation of Quam, the SaaS model is particularly attractive for Quam from the Microsoft Azure cloud. You can use your Microsoft SharePoint online licenses and seamlessly integrate the Quam into your existing Office365 environment. You don't need your own servers. aiio will take care of setting up and hosting your Quam.

How long does a typical implementation of the software take?

In the standard version, the software can be used immediately and provides benefits from the very first minute. The use of the software is often associated with organizational optimization projects, the implementation of which can be very differently organized. Training for power users (manager licenses) is recommended for the pure implementation of the software. Depending on your experience, a 3-5 day training course, which aiio offer on your premises or via online-seminars, makes sense. The duration of the software implementation essentially depends on the customer's technical conditions.

How many employees are needed to implement the software?

Usually a main contact person from the respective department and support from IT.

Migration, Maintenance, Service & Support

Are there tools available to migrate existing Visio models?

Selected partners partially provide migration tools that can greatly simplify data migration. Since Quam uses a concrete Shapessets, existing drawings must be transferred into this Shapesets. The result of an automatic data migration as well as the associated effort always depend strongly on the quality and homogeneity of the source data.

What are possible services?

Through our implementation partners, services such as implementation support, training, hotline, support, customer-specific ticket system, regular monitoring with maintenance work (evaluation of log files, monitoring of server services, etc.), support during the installation of hotfixes, patches and releases can be used.

What does software maintenance include?

Software maintenance includes the provision of new, further developed versions of the licensed contract software.

Are there any technical documentation and / or operating instructions?

Yes, each version of our software has a functional description, a user manual and installation documentation.

In which languages is the system documentation available?

The manual is usually available in German and/or English.

How can the customer access support after implementing the software?

Customers with an active software maintenance agreement have a contact person for support requests at their reseller. In addition, the customer can agree service and response times, communication channels, and support levels as part of a service level agreement.

How many support centers do you have and where are they located?

Lintras support center is located at the headquarters in Magdeburg. Service partners such as Join are currently providing support in Dresden, Eisenach, Munich and Hamburg. Further locations are planned.

Would the customer have a single point of contact?

Yes, as a rule it is possible to guarantee communication with our partners via a contact person.

You haven't found an answer to your question? Our support will be glad to help you.