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Quam and Sharepoint
Quam® becomes a BRM tool
Easily manage processes and projects
Quam enables location-independent working
Using Quam® in a team
Device and location independent thanks to the cloud
The Best Project Management Software
Project Management with Quam®
Determine and divide tasks

Business Relationship Management with Quam

Quam is the first Business Relationship Management System of its kind. In addition to the ability to structure and optimize processes, Quam also offers project management functions. Working together on one platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge and collaboration within the project teams.

Process Management as a SharePoint App - What does Quam offer?

Quam sees itself as an operating system in your company. With Quam it is possible to map processes, organizational structures and resources in context. It enables an optimal representation of business processes and thus simplifies monitoring and optimization in the company. The intuitive compliance functions help you to comply with rules, laws, procedures and deadlines. Offering customers satisfactory solutions is one of the most important tasks of a business relationship management system. With Quam® Problem Management, needs can be quickly identified and addressed. Quam® internal problem tracking provides a constant overview of all services.

Collaborative project management with SharePoint

Quam is designed for organizations that want to manage multiple projects or programs simultaneously across distributed structures and enterprise boundaries in the simple and familiar Microsoft environment. It supports the extensive concerns of multi-project management in only one tool.

Taking processes to a new level

Processes such as the maintenance of customer relationships or organizational structures are important elements of a business relationship management system. With its intuitive and simple interface, Quam is ideal for keeping an eye on your own processes.

Practical applications for the use of Quam

Quam can be configured in many ways and can be adapted to different deployment scenarios by configuring its data structures and web parts.
Of course, the standard SharePoint functions are also more available with Quam. You can integrate your own workflows, e.g. for the release of content, versioning or history management of entire company models.
By integrating the data model with external data sources via the Connectivity Services of SharePoint, processes and structures can be supplied with key figures from real data.

Successful companies rely on Quam

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