• Audits durchführen mit Quam
    Audit Management
    Structured execution of audits

Audit Management

Quam contains an audit management module that supports the audit process in certification projects, e.g. for quality management according to ISO 9001 or environmental management according to ISO 14.001, from audit planning to audit execution and audit follow-up.

Audit Maintenance

The audit management functions in the Quam support both the head of quality management in the time and personnel planning of audits, the planning of test cycles and the preparation and execution of audits, the auditors in the structured execution of audits and the recording of test results as well as the preparation of audit and action reports and the employees of the area to be audited in the recording of findings and the implementation of necessary measures. Current quality management guidelines have been taken into account in the design of the standardized workflow.


Audit Demands

In Quam you can easily manage all your audit needs. From these audit requirements, you can create and maintain audits and manage related documents. During the execution of audits, you store findings for which you document causes and define appropriate actions. You can output this information automatically as corrective action reports.

Audit Program Planning

In audit program planning, you create and manage all your audits. According to ISO 19011, an audit program is defined as a set of one or more audits planned for a specific period of time and focused on a specific purpose. For example, the audits of your management system (specific purpose) in the coming year (specific period). The procedure is often based on the PDCA method (Plan, Do Check, Act).
As a set of several audits for one year, an audit program in Audit Management can be used again (duplicated) for later periods and locations. The attributes are maintained in audit management as metadata. Once you have created audit programs, assigned audits, and maintained your meta information for the audit, you can export all information prepared in a Word file.


Auditor Management

 You can store auditors in the quam. You can assign a lead auditor and several co-auditors to an audit.
You assign qualifications to these auditors, which you in turn assign to corresponding topics (for example, standards, technical specifications, internal regulations, and so on) and which are stored in the management systems.

Audit Planning

Quam supports the complete audit management process. Audit planning in Quam allows you to schedule, define objectives, and allocate resources based on assigned qualifications.
With Quam, you plan your audit along a pre-configured workflow. Individual adjustments of the evaluation procedure for your company or external partners and suppliers are of course possible without any problems.
Create question catalogs on company-compliant templates and plan appointments and tasks conveniently in Microsoft SharePoint.
For recurring audits, existing question catalogs can be entered so that you can easily select the appropriate one. The tasks resulting from the planning can be assigned directly to the auditors.


Audit Execution

During the audit all relevant documents are collected in the audit room. The deviations and findings discovered during the audit are also documented and can be linked to corresponding causes.

Action Tracking

After the documentation of the audit, measures can be defined and assigned to individual employees for implementation. Affected employees can be informed automatically by e-mail about upcoming audits and measures. You can record and comment on the processing status. Reminders to the responsible employees, auditors and QM representatives on the specified dates prevent appointments from being forgotten.
In this way, you can view the current processing status of the audit at any time. Quam provides you with a catalogue of measures together with a list of open measures whose implementation can be controlled directly.

Auditberichte & Audit-Nachbereitung

Audit reports and follow-up

In the Quam, you can evaluate the audit findings according to various criteria. Audit reports are generated for complete documentation. You can have the findings, causes, and actions generated during an audit automatically structured and output in a corrective action report.
You receive all audit results as result lists and variance reports. For the processing of identified weak points, you can define tasks including deadlines and responsibilities and thus directly control their implementation.

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