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    Organizational Management
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Organizational Management

Capturing all organizational structures is really easy with Quam. Whether organizational charts, organizational areas, buildings, subsidiaries, departments, IT structures, personnel, plants, regions or different legal entities in corporations: With Quam you can visualize all structure-giving elements of the organization and link them with each other or with the processes.

Entering Organizational Structures

Quam is much more than a BPM tool. Quam also allows the graphical modeling of organizational structures in addition to processes: Organizational diagrams, resource diagrams, network plans, building plans, roles and teams, etc. All information is networked in such a way that it can be compiled into management system manuals, such as the quality management manual, if required. If desired, these can of course also be output via a Word report. This networked information can be used to generate far-reaching views and thus gain a wide range of insights into organizational issues.

Organisationsstrukturen erfassen
Ressourcenmanagement mit Quam

Resource Management

With Quam, you can structure all your company's resources. You can assign properties, key figures or persons responsible to them and link them to the corresponding processes in which they are used. This enables a large number of evaluation variants along the process chain. This allows you to check the plausibility of your resource usage, usage and access authorizations or to determine process key figures for your resources in your organization.

Organigramme erstellen

Every company is familiar with organizational diagrams, whether classically divided according to hierarchies or by functional departments, they are still an essential criterion for employees, to navigate their way within the company, to find contact persons or to find their own associates in the company.
With Quam, you can easily map organizational charts and assign roles and processes to different departments.

Organigramme bzw. Hierachiediagramme
Rollendiagramme mit Arbeitsanweisungen

Role diagrams

Roles in companies or committees are also structurally organised. With Quam you also have these structures mapped. You can then assign employees or functional areas to these roles or geremiums and thus sort responsibilities for cross-departmental tasks


Organization or hierarchy diagrams of e.g. IT systems, forms, standards or companies, branches and locations, as well as the processes are visualized with the manifold possibilities of Microsoft Visio and brought to life by linking them with people, responsibilities, rules and regulations, IT systems used and forms or processes.
The links between the organizational elements or with the processes of your company are very easy via a so-called XRM matrix, in which freely dimensionable relationships can be created or changed with a mouse click.

Stellenbeschreibung mit Funktionsbeschreibung

Job descriptions

By enriching the process diagrams with process descriptions and information on responsibilities, contributions, informational participants, Decision makers (RACI), applied IT-Systems, formulas, applicable regulations and Orders etc. electronic images of procedural instructions, and work instructions, position and function descriptions, Responsibility matrices etc. are systematically created automatically and completely without documents and paper.


With Quam, responsibilities can be determined using RACI matrices. Every employee of a project knows immediately which task or role he is assigned to. RACI stands for:
Resposible -> Who is responsible for carrying out the tasks?
Accountable -> Who decides whether the task was executed correctly?
Consulted -> Who is consulted as expert and consultant?
Informed -> Who is informed about the results of the task?

RACI bzw. Verantwortungsmatrix

More features of Quam can be found on our product page.