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  • Änderungsmanagement von Quam
    Structured changes

Change Management

Every company develops and changes its structure over the years. This is a good thing, because improvements and further developments are a necessity for long-term survival in the market. Manage change consciously by using Quam to support it.

Organize changes

Change Management strives for lean and optimized corporate structures for more competitiveness and efficiency.
The Quam helps you to operate an active change management and to align your company with flat management structures.
With Quam, you can record the structural and process-related structure of your company. You create organizational charts and visualize organizational areas, departments and positions. This gives you an overview of your company's structures and allows you to reduce complexity and question or streamline existing hierarchies.

Methodical checklist for change management
Action tracking of change management

Action Tracking

Anchor the further development of your processes and structures and set up a continuous improvement process in which every employee is given the opportunity to actively and unbureaucratically submit suggestions for improvement directly to those responsible for the organisation of the company via the system.
Improve your internal communication processes between individual employees or entire departments. The Microsoft Office integration simplifies communication considerably, as appointments, e-mail traffic, tasks and documents are handled centrally.

Content Change Management 

Quam enables a coordinated control of process changes. Therefore, workflows and organizational roles are defined in Quam to coordinate the change process. If employees recognize a need for change in the organization, they are able to report it to a Change Control Board (CCB) with a simple mouse click. The CCB arranges these notes, checks their dependencies on other desired changes, and forwards them to Quam editors, who consistently enter the changes and forward them to the process experts for review before publication. The changes remain invisible to employees until the reviews are complete. The CCB coordinates the publications via baselines.

Content Change Management

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