• Customizing of Quam
    Customizing of Quam
    Multiple configurations and customization
Quam lässt sich individuell anpassen

Customizing of Quam

Quam can be configured in many ways and can be adapted to different deployment scenarios by customizing its data structures and web parts. Using workflows already available in the SharePoint standard or your own workflows, you can automate various processes, e.g. in the area of releasing content as part of versioning and history management of entire company models. By integrating the data model with external data sources via the Connectivity Services of SharePoint, processes and structures can also be supplied with key figures from real data. Own themes can be integrated or further languages can be configured.


Language packs for Quam are available in several languages. With the help of the Quam language packs it is possible to model and translate the content in any language. All you need to do is activate the desired language and you can start translating. Translating Visio drawings is possible in two ways. On the one hand, the contents already translated can be updated on the drawing. On the other hand, the translation of titles can also be done directly in Visio.


Basically you can design your Quam completely by yourself. You define the colors, shapes, images, icons and logos. Customize your process portal to match your CI specifications or simply embed it in existing web portals without your employees feeling like they are using new software again. This creates acceptance and Quam becomes an organizational "join-in portal".


Quam offers a proven standard shape set that is immediately usable and meets most of our customers' needs. Of course, you can define your own shape sets and use them for process modeling or structure diagrams. Use your familiar shapes and avoid the need for explanation by your employees.

Individuelle Shape Anpassungen

Modeling Notation

Quam supports the graphical modeling of processes and structures starting with organization charts, structure diagrams, process maps up to the detailed description of individual activities. Regarding process modeling, Quam uses BPMN in the standard. However, it also supports all other notations and is of course openly configurable for customer-specific specifications.

Full-text Search

Another access method to information in the system known from the Internet is the integrated full text search for all content. All information, including that in documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even graphics), can be searched in full text - in a matter of seconds the relevant hits are found and displayed even from large amounts of data. The hit display can be used individually for further filtering.


Different focal points, such as quality management, require different views for preparing the organizational information modelled in Quam. Many views and evaluations are already integrated in the Quam as standard, others can be created in any number using your own configurations. For the creation of ad-hoc evaluations and reports, the raw data is always available as data objects in SharePoint in lists and libraries provided for this purpose and can also be exported from the central repository to other standard formats (e.g. Excel) for further processing.

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