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    Risk Management
    Workflow-supported identification of risks

Manage risks

Risks, as well as opportunities, must be managed within the company. Quam offers a workflow-supported identification of risks and the control of measures and activities for risk prevention.

Risk Management

For companies that have their quality management system certified according to ISO 9001, risk management will also become part of their consideration in the future, as the revised ISO 9001:2015 standard requires risk management to be taken into account.

Risk identification

Quam opens up the possibility of seamlessly linking management systems with the execution level and thus provides essentially all the necessary functions to manage workflow-controlled concretely identified risks and the measures defined for their processing in one and the same system. When identifying risks, Quam enables the creation of a risk atlas, the description of risk management roles, the creation of a control loop for handling identified risks and the assignment of responsibility bearers as well as the planning of measures to clarify identified or prevent potential risks and the definition and tracking of key figures.

All employees have the opportunity to report risks. These are forwarded via the system to the person responsible and processed and monitored in accordance with the risk control loop.

Risk atlas

Risk management system with Quam can be configured in a variety of modular ways. Regulations and management manuals can be linked to the existing process model with little effort and without technical know-how. Concrete, previously unrecorded risks can simply be included in the risk atlas via workflow, categorized and assigned to the appropriate severity levels and provided with threshold values and standardized measures in a revision-proof manner.

Action tracking

The systematic monitoring and control of risk prevention measures to avoid errors, damage and costs arising from inherent risks in the corporate sector and entrepreneurial activity form the core of risk management in Quam. SharePoint-based electronic forms can be designed and used to report and track risks, which trigger follow-up activities with workflow support in accordance with the defined control loop of the risk tracking system.
Consistent operational processes and the associated coordination of risk action tracking can significantly increase transparency and efficiency.
This leads to cost savings of up to 70% caused by risks and to organizational security in dealing with risks.

Risk management reports

Business partners, such as banks and auditors, can access specially defined areas via an "external risk management system view" without gaining insight into sensitive data.

Note: Screenshots show application examples that are not included in the standard and require further configuration.

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