• Dokumente managen mit Quam
    Document Management
    Quam relies on SharePoint as market-leading ECM system

Document Management

For the storage of records, templates, samples, standards, guidelines and other document-based content, Microsoft SharePoint functions as the market-leading ECM system and Quam in combination also as a document management system (DMS).

Managing documents

Quam is a software based on Microsoft SharePoint. Quam makes this advantage its own. It offers the user the possibility, for example, to enter QM-relevant documents centrally and to make them available decentrally to the employees at their workstations. This document management can also be extended to a contract management or an audit management by additionally available components. The entire management system can be designed in this way and published via the SharePoint intranet.

Document control, continuous updating and the targeted distribution of information content in the organization are greatly simplified in this way.

Managing documents in the Download center
Templates and default documents

Default documents and templates

In the Quam download center, for example, you can manage all the templates, standards, guidelines, and orders used in the processes. These documents, or individual chapters and paragraphs from them, are available to users in the processes. Additional metadata can be stored for all documents.
Quam supports the authorization-supported document processing with versioning function used in SharePoint. In order to edit documents, they have to be checked out. After the changes have been made and completed, the documents must be checked in again so that the changes are available to the employees.
A new version is created with each check-in. Old versions can be reconstructed using the version history and, if necessary, restored.

Management Manuals

Management systems describe necessary framework conditions to which the company submits or must submit by law or voluntary commitment. Quality management, environmental management, work safety and management regulations thus form the company's comprehensive set of rules, which is defined by internal management guidelines and external requirements of customers, banks, legislators or standard-setting bodies.
Quam offers the possibility to structure the requirements of these rules and regulations in corresponding manuals and to assign the respective requirements themselves, i.e. laws, guidelines and regulations, to the respective rules and regulations.

Management manuals

Audit Safety

By the central preparation of processes and all resulting documents user enterprises can guarantee revision security with Quam. The data is prepared according to the individual information requirements. For example, management representatives (UMB, UMB, RMB etc.), employees or superiors have access to exactly the information, processes and associated tasks and documents they need at a glance. The integration of role-controlled release workflows, deadlines and resubmissions ensures continuous quality assurance. Employees can also be authorized to participate in the processes in which they are involved or to initiate the processing of documents. SharePoint's sophisticated role and rights management supports any granular authorization structure to protect content from unauthorized or unintentional changes.

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