• Understanding company structures
    Organised cooperation
    Flexible communication between employees

Collaboration and Communication

Even in companies, technologies and ideas of social networks are increasingly used in communication between employees. Flexible information exchange and fast information transfer are crucial for culture and competitiveness. Quam's interactive features simplify certain Quam-related processes and help organizations collaborate and store knowledge.

Social Collaboration

With Quam, you can efficiently leverage all of SharePoint's standard social collaboration functionality through configuration. In addition, Quam supports newer trends such as Social BPM (also known as BPM 2.0 or Collaborative BPM) and integrates social collaboration ideas to collaboratively edit, optimize, and publish processes within the team - BPM experience is not required - with the goal of increasing employee involvement in content design. With SharePoint as the basis, Quam is web-based - so everyone can work together on processes and structures, regardless of their location. Integrated feedback functions and action tracking can be developed into entire ticket systems for the internal company organization.

Social Collaborative BPM


The Quam-Wiki finds versatile use. You can use it to share knowledge, exchange ideas, work with colleagues on a design, create a tutorial, build a knowledge encyclopedia, or simply write daily information in a format that is easy to access and change.
The Quam Wiki makes it easy for users to create and edit any page and create links to new pages. Text, tables and images can be inserted on each page. Of course, you can also create hyperlinks to other pages.


Like the Quam Wiki, the Quam Blog serves to store and communicate corporate knowledge. So use this area to share your knowledge with your colleagues and publish articles on process management with Quam, for example. 
You have the possibility to filter the existing contributions according to self-defined categories. Each post can be approved by an authorized user before it is available to all users.

Quam News


You can post news and announcements in the Quam News section. This allows you to keep your staff up to date with news quickly and easily.
All news items can of course be configured to appear directly on the Quam home page. To ensure that new announcements are read directly by employees, you can create notifications to Quam News. This means that you will receive an email as soon as a new announcement is created.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are suitable for discussing various issues with your colleagues, for example process management with Quam, without having to call time-consuming meetings.

Quam Diskussionsforen


The Quam survey area allows you to create a questionnaire for your employees to answer and to graphically summarize the results. Use the survey function, for example, to test your understanding of the Quam topic or individual Quam contents. You can design the surveys according to your own specifications.


The quam feedback function enables the systematic feedback of information, questions, error messages, change messages or suggestions for improvements to quam contents. If a process has changed or if you have discovered an error or simply a question about a resource, you can use quam feedback to record the relevant information and assign it to a responsible person.
The feedback created in quam feedback is stored in the quam action list. In the quam action list, you receive a list of the actions grouped by process and thus have an overview of which active confirmations still need to be processed.


More features of Quam can be found on our product page.