Why you should choose Quam®

Business-Relationship-Management redefined.
Quam® 6.0.

Understanding a networked process world without software support is almost impossible. Quam® maps complex organizational structures simply and digitally. It provides information about changes in the organization and manages their improvements. This makes Quam® the "operating system" of your company.

With the innovative integration of our project management tool Cpm in Quam® 6.0, we have laid the foundation for linking processes and projects. Quam® can now also take over the functions of a multi-project management system. Insights from the projects flow directly back into the process world and the projects are automatically enriched with the essential organizational information.

From process to project: Quam® and Cpm are now one!

Quam 6.0 ist da! Der digitale Zwilling Ihrer Organisation.

New in Quam® 6.0

  • Integrated project management

  • Integrated data protection management (DSM)

  • New Any-Relationship-Matrix

  • Support of process harmonization

  • Linking of existing systems of the company

  • Design improvements and new shape sets

Integrated project management

Integration of extensive multi-project management functionalities for mutual referencing between projects and processes, structures, management systems, resources and locations.

Integrated data protection management (DSM)

Integration of the previously external DSGVO module via an extended data model and the provision of standard content for the DSGVO, such as contents of the ordinance or the processing directory. This allows users to enter personal data and assign it to processes and processing systems, display it and evaluate it if required.

New Any-Relationship-Matrix

Even easier, faster and more functional linking of organizational elements via the new Any-Relation-Matrix (XRM) by e.g. fixed table headers, drag-and-drop functionalities, additional icons, an improved search function and much more.

Support of process harmonization

Sub-processes already used or referenced in other processes are now visible in the process diagram during process visualization and are directly linked by an interactive icon. Thus, duplication of work can be avoided and processes that have already been modeled are applied.

Linking of existing systems of the company

Quam 6.0 facilitates the linking of existing organizational and IT systems. Quam can thus be used as a central management tool for decentralized organizational information, e.g. for linking to work tools, templates and forms or for accessing IT systems and HR information.

Design improvements and new shape sets

Revision of the design and usability through further harmonization of design elements and functional views as well as a new, improved and intuitively differentiable shape set.

Quam and Cpm are now one!

With Quam release 6.0, Quam and Cpm are merged into one application. Within the scope of a software maintenance contract, all Cpm customers will have access to the complete process management solution Quam including the multi-project management software included in it. The new Quam 6.0 will also contain various bug fixes. In addition, the solution will support Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and 2016 as well as Microsoft SharePoint 2019. Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 will be dropped. Quam 6.0 combines for the first time comprehensive business process management and enterprise project management functions in only one software in a novel business relationship management system!

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