• Organisationsmanagement mit Quam bei Oerlikon Balzers
    „This high standard applies not only to our products but also to the same extent to our processes“
    Guido Witting, Quality Management Representative

HEGGEMANN AG Project Report

Product innovation and uncompromising quality. In hardly any other industry are the guidelines for quality control and process mastery so demanding. Of course, compliance with the set standards in the development and production of high-precision parts and components is of particular importance.

What problems were there?

Various manuals for the documentation of processes according to different standards, requirements and approvals from the aerospace, automotive, environmental and occupational safety sectors were distributed in multiple copies throughout the company, were not integrated and could only be maintained with great effort. The rapid growth of the company and the demand to meet the high quality requirements also in the future required an innovative and quick solution.

Quality and reliability in all business processes.

This gives rise to a claim and obligation to make internal and external transactions traceable. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to achieve decisive competitive advantages through the complete traceability of high process quality. To create a technological basis for this is a challenge which HEGGEMANN faced. The company pursued the goal of implementing an integrated management system which would represent all work processes including all forms used, organizational structures and their cross-functional dependencies in one system in a simple and understandable way, graphically and make them available to all employees on the intranet. At the same time, the desired system should be able to output the data it contains in a structured way that also meets the strict standards of auditors.

HEGGEMANN bets on Quam!

Therefore HEGGEMANN decided to introduce the integrated information management system Quam of Lintra GmbH. At HEGGEMANN Quam virtually maps the whole company in its structural and process organisation including all employees, used IT systems, forms etc. and publishes this information in the intranet of the company.

Digitization by Quam

With Quam's graphical modeling interface, all processes, from the simplest tasks to the most complex processes, are designed, assigned to the executing agencies, and provided and linked with the necessary features regarding quality management, environmental management, occupational safety, and management requirements going beyond that. In daily use, the advantages of the new environment become clear: projects run transparently according to optimized specifications. At the same time, all those involved have up-to-date information about the processes taking place at their disposal. Every employee can now read online and in a targeted manner the tasks assigned to him or her, including the respective requirements.