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  • "After many years of research, we found the Quam project management module to be the perfect support for our software implementation projects. We used our project management expertise to create a platform that fully reflects our software implementation methodology. Various programs are now combined in a uniform, intuitive interface."
    Guido Leichert (Leader Automotive Division | PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH)

Software implementation with method

For over 40 years PSIPENTA has been active as a system supplier to leading global production companies. By concentrating on selected niche markets, such as the automotive industry and mechanical and plant engineering, PSIPENTA has acquired considerable knowledge of the business processes involved in series and contract manufacturing as well as in the consulting and implementation of complex IT projects.

To map their software implementation methodology SPRINT, the ERP implementer relies on Quam.

The method-specific presentation of structural plans, projects and sub-projects, individual work packages and responsibilities could be implemented quickly thanks to the flexibility of SharePoint and Silverlight.

Now different products that were previously used independently of each other are combined in one interface. This holistic approach offers the possibility to work exclusively with Quam in project management. Different roles, which are configured in the system, also allow access by the customer. The transparency and the fast exchange of information is especially appreciated.

Thus PSIPENTA was once again able to demonstrate its project implementation competence using Quam.

After initially setting up a stable system landscape for the management of both customer-related and internal projects, PSIPENTA has now set itself the goal of mapping a new business model. The focus here is on classic management consulting for its customers in terms of defining and optimising their processes.

The simple visualization of the processes and the intuitive handling make Quam a perfect tool for the realization of this and other goals.