• Changes - capture and manage
    Project change management
    capture and manage changes to the project

Project change management - Organize, edit, and manage all change requests

The handling of change requests is an essential task of controlling a project. Change management is the organization, administration and processing of change requests during the course of a project. Quam supports change management by controlling and documenting changes to the project and linking them to affected project parameters.

Enter change requests - make changes documented in a controlled manner

During the course of the project, unforeseen changes can occur again and again, which can be applied for, managed and approved in a comprehensible way in change management. Change management should help to make changes to the project in a controlled and documented manner.

Control changes - change log always available on demand

Change tracking provides a change log in the Quam that records all significant changes to the project, including their status and impact. The change requests are grouped according to various criteria in the overview. Table filters and the integrated search function can also handle large numbers of entries in the change directory.

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