• Project teams - Assemble and manage employee teams
    Project teams
    Assemble and manage teams of employees
Projektteams zusammenstellen und managen

Project teams - organisation and coordination of employees made easy

The project participants of all projects are centrally managed in the employee management of the project portfolio. In addition to employees from your own organization, external project team members can also be managed who do not have a user account on SharePoint, but should nevertheless be considered as resources in the project planning. The project manager, a (temporary) deputy as well as the project team members in different roles can be centrally assigned to the projects directly at the level of the project portfolio by a resource manager.

Assemble project teams - Create the ideal team for your project

The project team can be configured at the portfolio level as well as by the project manager at the individual project level. The project manager can import employees from the project portfolio into the project as well as create new employees. This makes it possible to assign the most suitable employees to the respective project.

The team members are assigned roles in the project that determine the access and editing rights in the project space. With the assignment of an employee to a project, the respective project also appears in the individual project cockpit of this employee.

Individuelle Projektseite

My Site - Individual project view for each member

In order to support the individual planning of each project team member, each team member has a consolidated, cross-project overview of all responsibilities and tasks on his personal project page "My Site".

This includes the team member's projects, work packages, resource bookings, ToDos, problems, changes, risks and risk prevention that the team member is responsible for or has created.

Time recording - expense feedback in the personal portfolio

For resources assigned to a project there is the possibility of an effort confirmation in the Quam. Since this confirmation is to be easily accessible and generally available for all projects assigned to an employee, the effort is maintained centrally at the portfolio level.

The time recording menu contains information about the assigned work package, the date on which the project was assigned, and the total effort of the project to date in hours.

Employee capacities - Effective employee care

Capacities can be maintained for all project team members that are entered in the project team member list, particularly in order to be able to use the resource planning functions effectively. Capacities can be entered in time slices and then used in resource planning on a date-by-date basis.

In this way, for example, vacation times, temporary shortened working times, longer absences, or the like of a certain employee can be mapped in Quam and better taken into account in resource planning and thus better evaluated.

Team utilization - Overview of employee capacities

The team utilization summarizes which employees are involved in which project and work package when and to what extent compared to their planned capacity across all active projects in the system.

This enables better planning within the project teams, since instead of employees who are already working at full capacity, resilient employees can still be assigned to a specific task.

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